Commercial Roof Installation

Our experienced and approved industrial roof replacement & commercial roof installation contractors are fully trained to specify and install a broad range of commercial roofing systems.

No matter the condition, age or type of roof, our industrial roof replacement specialists recommend the most practical and cost-effective solution. Therefore, our systems will serve your building well for many years to come, with extensive warrantees and manufacturer guarantees.

Typical Industrial Roof Installation Projects:

  • Over-roofing with new profiled metal sheeting
  • Composite panel strip and re-sheet
  • Asbestos roof replacement (and repair)
  • Translucent roof-light replacement
  • Gutter lining
  • Re-cladding, felting and waterproofing treatments

Our Commercial Roof Installation Service

Our roofing replacement service team always start each project with a thorough understanding of:

  • Your existing roof structure (including guttering and downpipes)
  • What it is you want to achieve in terms of aesthetics and performance
  • The complexities of your site (identified with a free site survey)
  • Your energy efficiency requirements
  • Your budget (we always look for the most cost-effective industrial roofing installation that meets your needs)

Our industrial roofing installation team can replace or upgrade any problem areas or undertake a full strip and industrial roof replacement.

As well-respected commercial roofing installers, we replace with the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your roof. We carefully consider how it could perform more efficiently and be easier to maintain – two key considerations when looking to futureproof your industrial roof.

In fact, most of our solutions come with a 25-year warranty on completion.

During a strip and roof replacement, our commercial roofing installers can also install roof lights. For many of our warehouse roof replacement clients, they see a dramatic increase in natural light and lowering of energy bills.

Over roofing as an Alternative to Industrial Roof Replacement

Over roofing can be a far more practical and cost-efficient alternative to commercial roof replacement. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Minimal disruption
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Encapsulation of asbestos cement sheeting
  • Simple visual overhaul
  • Coloured sheeting to match business brand
  • Can be cheaper than new industrial roofing installation